Neurology Clinic

Our specialty is the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the nervous system with the most modern medical and non-medicinal methods.



Pediatric Neurology

Headache treatment room

Procedure room

Counseling and treatment at home

Headache treatment room

The only highly specialized “Headache Treatment Cabinet” in the Belgorod region, where headaches are treated in accordance with the principles of evidence-based medicine, operates in the “Neurology Clinic”.

The doctor a neurologist of the highest qualification category, cephalgologist (headache treatment specialist).

Experienced doctors

Consultations at the "Neurology Clinic" are conducted by qualified specialists with extensive experience. Individual methods and programs of specialists provide patients with a high level of diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Among our doctors you are sure to find "your" specialist, who will help maintain your health!

A comprehensive approach

Neurology, pediatric neurology, consultations and treatment of complex and unclear therapeutic patients (cardiology, pulmonology, rheumatology issues), psychotherapy, consultations and treatment at home, procedure room, taking all kinds of tests, medical massage.


Friendly team of highly professional associates, cozy atmosphere and no queues. Patient-friendly schedule. Availability of all neurological specializations in one place. Ability to receive any type of medication. Treatment of neurological diseases with non-medicinal methods. Diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the nervous system at home.

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